Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi guys,
so I've had some time to go through my closet (kind of) and added more things to the "get rid of pile".
if there are any questions please email me at

Happy shopping!

Mackage for Aritzia Kenya Leather in Gunmetal in XXS
$375 ; 9/10

Originally $575 and worn for about 2 seasons. In great condition.

Talula by Aritzia Trooper Snap Jacket in Army Green in XS
$60 ; 10/10

Worn twice, and this style has been discontinued as it is the one with the lining for extra warmth. Retailed for $120. It does fit a little big though. Great for fall and layering in early winter.

Knit Vest with Fur trim from H&M in size 4
$20 ; 9/10

Can't remember when i bought this, but a great layering piece. Worn probably a total of 3-4 times.

Talula by Aritzia High-waisted Hi-Lo Skirt in XXS
$25 ; 10/10

From last season and only worn once. The colour is perfect for summer and is of a soft silky fabric.

Wilfred Free by Aritzia Cuffed Sweatpants in XXS
$30 ; 8/10

Worn for a season. Really comfortable and great for those lazy days.

Topshop Chiffon Blouse with Lace Detailing in size 2
$40 ; 10/10

Worn once. Fabric is a lightweight and simple to dress up or down.

to be continued :) got lazy uploading pictures


Friday, May 24, 2013


sorry for the super lack of posting but i have no good reason for my absence lol i've just been super lazy.
anyway i'm having a closet sale so i'm posting pictures on here:

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Too Hot to Handle" Drawstring Bag in Cream
$225 ; 9/10
Worn for a season but still in excellent condition. Will come with dust bag.

Here's a link to one they have on if you want to have a better look

Talula Babaton by Aritzia Silk Blouse in XS
$40 ; 10/10
This blouse is maybe 2 years old but I've only worn it twice so it's in excellent condition

 Wilfred Cannes Shorts in Linen and Silk 
Silk Dusty Rose in XXS
Linen Grey in XS
$30 each or $50 for both ; 9/10
These are both colours from about 2 years back but again have not been worn much so great condition.
Here's a link to what they look like on, from

Talula Babaton by Aritzia Sabine Blouse in S
$40 ; 8/10
Preppy silk blouse with bow detailing. Overall I've probably worn this piece thrice at most but it has been washed.

Wilfred Silk Maxi Skirt in XXS
$40 ; 10/10
Dusty rose colour from 2 years ago and only worn once.

Talula by Aritzia Skull Graphic Tank in S
$10 ; 9/10
Worn once on vacation and is an over-sized fit.

Talula Babaton by Aritzia 3/4 Sleeve Loose Knit in XS
$25 ; 7/10
Burgundy colour from fall season and there are 1-2 pulls on the sweater.

Wilfred by Aritzia Long Silk Button-up Tunic in XXS
$60 ; 9/10
Beautiful rust colour made of a very light silk crepe. Can be worn open or buttoned up. Excellent condition.

 Rag and Bone Denim in size 24
$75 ; 10/10
Rust colour great for fall and worn a handful of times.

Rich and Skinny Denim in size 25
$65 ; 10/10
Mustard yellow colour, worn twice.

Topshop Highwaisted Denim in size 25
$30 ; 10/10
Aqua/Cyan colour great for summer! Worn once.

Free People Cigarette Pant in size 24
$20 ; 10/10
Worn once, and personally I feel like it fits between a 23/24, depending on your hips as they do sit more low-waisted.

Wilfred Drapey Harem Pants in size 0
$50 ; 9/10
Dusty rose colour harem pants with drawstring. Looks great cuffed up or tucked into military style boots. Worn for a season maybe 5 times.

Talula by Aritzia Denim Jacket in S
$50 ; 10/10
From the past season and only worn once, I bought it too big!

Superdry Plaid Button-up in S
$20 ; 10/10
Barely worn and in great condition. Sleeves are a little tight, I think it fits smaller than a small lol

Talula by Aritzia Crop Floral Tank in XS
$10 ; 10/10
Worn once on vacation, cute for summer with denim cut-offs!

That's all I have for now, if there's anything you're interested in please send me an email at:

until next time 

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

the mane thing

i have honestly had the same hairstyle since forever (except for when i had bangs) and have gotten bored with it so when a friend of mine (MH all you baby) mentioned that she thought i'd look good with pastel coloured hair, i decided to go for it.

some of the photos i referenced for shade

going from always having had dark hair, it was a risk considering i knew the amount of time and chemicals it would take to lighten my hair enough to achieve the lilac shade. so anyway, before i went in for my appointment, i photoshopped my hair into a lilac shade so i got an idea of what i would look like after. 

(sorry i took a picture of a picture of the photoshopped version haha)

at the salon, i had a picture of my hair taken before the process
i think i need a

and after 12 long hours, this is what the final product looked like!
the colour looks different depending on natural vs artificial lighting

it took so long to bleach out my previous colour because red is one of the hardest colours to remove and i had dyed my hair a dark red not too long ago. but after several bleaches and with some hair treatments in between, my hair was finally light enough to apply the lilac!

morning after appointment

i was told that this colour would fade very quickly but i was determined to maintain it! but within a week, i had already re-applied the lilac pigment for a newer wash of colour and it still faded, especially on the crown of my head. i didn't know if i would be able to keep up with the constant need for touch ups so out of whim, i decided to remove the lilac on the top half of my head so i wouldn't have to worry about fading, bleached it out and toned it blonde.

but within two days, i missed the purple too much so i dyed it back LOL honestly i'm surprised my hair didn't all fall off (knock on wood) but i've been using hair treatments! anyway, i didn't think the blonde suited me very well and made me feel, for a lack of better word, like a bitch. so whatever is left of my hair is purple again, but unfortunately i don't have a picture yet so until next time!! 

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