Friday, February 1, 2013

a little about me...

hi everyone!
i suppose i'll just start with a brief introduction to who i am and what i plan to achieve with my little piece of cyberspace (not really since it's blogger's...)
- my name is winnie. just winnie. not winifred.
- i used to youtube (3 years ago?) and i did have a blog but not quite sure what happened there
- currently attending college in downtown toronto
- you will never see my nails naked, no, they're always painted!
- sold my soul to retail :p

i just thought i would start a photo diary of sorts, documenting my very un-boring life (lol..wut?) and share the happenings of my life with anybody willing to read along. pictures are coming!

ps. as for how i chose my blog's just a little inside joke :)

x - win

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