Thursday, February 7, 2013


La Notte by Aritzia Graphic Tee / TNA by Aritzia Boyfriend Flannel / Wilfred by Aritzia Pleather Leggings

Geek n Gal Accessories / Essie nail polish in "Devil's Advocate"

Talula Babaton by Aritzia Toque / Sam Edelman Leather Ankle Boots

there are many things that i wish i had chosen to do differently, mistakes that i look back on and wonder what my life would be like now. i've told myself to never regret any of the choices i made because everything has shaped me to who i am today but still, sometimes i can't help but think i chose wrong. i can only hope that i don't repeat them but what always ends up happening, is that i find i lack the strength, i lack the courage. i'm simply not brave enough. 

ps. the graphic shirt is actually a t-shirt and i cut the sleeves off because they were too boxy :p 

x - win

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